Inspired poetry. (ahem) Dandelion born so lovely

in a salad or as art.

Taste and beauty didn’t last

Get off my lawn,

you broke my heart.

Nose and events from and about people you don’t know.

J&W Logbook

Comedic reactions

to stomach ailments from professional comedians.

Another online blog. They’re the reason the internet exists. Hadn’t you heard? It’s taken over the web. Dull people all over the world pouring out their lives for entertainment and ridicule.

What will you see in the J&W Logbook? Well. You’re in for a treat. There’s...

The continuing story of three guys, their lives, and how they keep their pants up in a world where adorable rodents rule.

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Travel stories picked fresh and then smuggled home.

C’mon in and read awhile. At least stick around until you decide to throw your soul into the electronic limbo with the rest of us and start your own blog.


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